APRIL 2019 


This month, specifically on the 7th of April, we recognize World Health Day. Sounds great, right? A little vague, perhaps if you’re not too clued up about what the day entails? Well let’s fill you in. The World Health Organization (WHO) has, over the years, devoted a day to world health efforts with an accompanying theme. Previous WHD themes include: diabetes awareness, depression, food safety, & healthy ageing.

This year’s theme is Universal Health Coverage. WHO has dedicated its efforts to ensuring that all communities have access to basic healthcare accommodated by well-trained medical service providers and well-equipped medical facilities[1]. Another priority is to have said facilities established in local communities i.e. local clinics, community centres, mobile clinics etc. so that locals do not have to travel and spend money to receive quality health care services.

While health policies and resource distribution are government responsibilities, WHO encourages all civilians to get involved in ensuring that universal healthcare is a goal that will come to fruition. Community members are encouraged to initiate/ attend community health forums, engage with local health care workers and, most importantly, being proactive about taking care of their health.

A sick community places strain on society’s resources but an educated community can educate others and thus produce a ripple effect in producing a healthier community.

At BodiCafé we pride ourselves in doing our bit by providing free health and lifestyle advice, be it on our website, through social media or by inviting the community to our health events. It is no secret that a healthy lifestyle can do wonders in preventing lifestyle diseases like diabetes, heart disease and obesity.

Our products range offers a variety of options: legumes, seeds, nuts and plant milks etc. that provide you with enough nutrition and sustenance to keep you both healthy and satisfied without making a hole in your wallet. As WHO states in their goals to achieving universal healthcare: healthcare should be accessible and AFFORDABLE to all.

Our lifestyle advice, summed up, is simple: live as close to a natural diet and an active lifestyle as possible. We don’t advise that our clients go on complex diets with expensive ingredients & engage in strenuous workouts. Most of what you need: fresh fruits, vegetables, whole-grains, enough activity and rest, are available/ accessible to you already! It only takes the right lifestyle decisions, once you have had access to the right lifestyle advice to make progress in the right direction. No bells and whistles over here, just simple facts!

Remember that health care workers and facilities can only do so much once the damage is done. You hold the key to making better lifestyle decisions.

This World Health Day may we all make the decision to be healthier citizens both for ourselves and for society at large.

Happy World Health Day!


[1] (Shimizu, 2019)

Information provided by Clinical Nutritionist, Gandy Madzalo

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